Hi, my name is Shags. I'm a 5 mos old Airedale Terrier and full of life. I'm a good boy n'all but mommy & daddy think that we should get another dog so that I have a playmate. We've got a skookem set up here with a doggy door leading to a big fenced/treed backyard so I have free run of the place. There's no other pets or children so there's plenty of love, care & attention to go around. Rather than go through housebreaking all over again, my folks think that there's probably a handsome, healthy, well behaved, pooch out there looking for a spankin' home like ours. I'm onboard with the idea and have a mountain of toys, comfy cushions and home cooked meals that I'm willing to share. My folks are a mature, stable, responsible couple in their late 40's who keep active with home, work, cottage - and me. So if you can fit through my doggie door and shy of nasty habits, please drop me a line w/pictures and tell us about yourself. My owners don't crate me and money is not a factor. Breeders are welcome to respond. Hoping to play "want what I've got" and "bitey face" with you real soon!